Western America Holiday July / August 2001
It was a three week holiday driving round the national parks and other places in (North) Western America.
Accompanying me were Nadine and Carl, who organised just about all of it, thanks.
20 July Flew from Heathrow to Seattle via San Francisco
started driving to Yellowstone
stayed in a motel near a lake just past Spokane
21 July Drove to Yellowstone National Park
Arrived late and put up tent in dark
22 July Hiked through some woods to Yellowstone Lake
23 July Did all the touristy stuff in Yellowstone
24 July Climbed Avalanche Peak
25 July Drove to Moab
26 July Spent day in Arches National Park
27 July Moutain Biked along the Klondike Trail, was wicked!
Went on a ranger guided tour of Fiery Furnace.
Drove to near Monument Valley
28 July Went round Monument Valley
Drove to Grand Canyon, saw sunset.
29 July Walked down Grand Canyon to a bit past Indian Gardens
Saw sunrise on the way down
Went to Plateau Point
Walked back up and got very hot
Saw sunset over the Grand Canyon
30 July Drove to Las Vegas
Stayed in the Luxor
31 July Shopping in discount mall
Saw a comedy show in Harrah's
Drinking, seeing Vegas and gambling
1 August Drove to Yosemite
2 August Saw Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias (huge trees)
Drove into Yosemite Valley, saw visitor center and waterfalls
3 August Climbed Half Dome (a 19 mile hike)
4 August Drove West to coast
stayed in Motel?
5 August Saw Redwood National Park
And World's tallest tree
Camped on the beach
6 August Drove North
Stayed in Motel somewhere
7 August Drove to Olympic National Park
Scrambled up Mt Angeles (6454 ft)
8 August Hiked round a trail from Obstruction Peak
Took a detour along a ridge and up ????
Went down steep scree slopes
9 August Went to Rialto Beach (in Olympic, near Mora)
Camped at Salt Creek (by Strait of Juan De Fuca)
10 August Drove to Seattle
Went to pub (which?)
Had a nice meal
Went to bar
11 August Flew out of Seattle, travelling via Chicago
12 August Arrived back at Heathrow